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And the hits just keep on coming…

June sales Edit

For six consecutive months, Honda Canada has posted growth in sales.

What does this mean? It means that Canada loves Honda, and more and more people are buying Honda’s.

Honda is trusted as a well priced, reliable, and safe vehicle across the line up. Why wouldn’t you want to drive a Honda?

Come in and check out why more and more people are buying Honda’s


Resource Canada names two Honda Vehicles


Two of the Honda Hybrid models were recognized by Resource Canada as being the most fuel efficient vehicles in their class for 2014.

Natural Resources Canada recognizes the most fuel-efficient new light-duty vehicles in their class sold in Canada each model year. Best-in-class vehicles have the lowest estimated annual fuel use, based on 20,000 km driven with a mix of 55 percent city and 45 percent highway. For each class, the most fuel-efficient conventional vehicle and the most efficient advanced technology vehicle are recognized.

The awards were given to the 2014 Accord Hybrid, and the 2014 CR-Z.

At the store, we have had a lot of interest on the Accord Hybrid with it’s 4L/100km city fuel mileage rating. The CR-Z is an amazing little two-seater sports coupe with a Hybrid function to help lower emissions and fuel costs.

Congrats to the engineers that have made these cars possible. It’s a good day to own a Honda.

It’s in your best interest to be open and clear with me


Imagine a time when you can walk into a car dealership, choose a car off the rack, pay, and drive away happy. Ok, we aren’t there yet, but it can be much easier that most people think.

Still being very new in the car sales industry, I have learned a lot in a short time. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the average guest comes in very guarded and ready for a battle on price. Guarded to the point where it’s difficult for me to get information to be able to help them select the right vehicle, and help them get the best price.

Here at Henley, I have two jobs;
1. To help you select the perfect car for you and your family
2. To get you the best price as quickly and efficiently as possible

I order to do my job to the best of my ability, I will ask you a handful of questions to understand what you would use your new vehicle for, and which trim level would best fit your need. Questions can also help to understand what research you have already done, and what questions you may have to help you make an educated purchase decision.

The new breed of car sales professionals in Ontario are not out to get you. I work by a code of ethics, and I genuinely want to get you the best car for the best deal. I don’t get paid if you do not buy, so it’s always in my best interest to make the process as smooth and possible and have you leave happy.

Let’s sit down and discuss your vehicle needs.

The perception of Car Sales


Since the invention of the car, there has been someone trying to sell them. And since the dawn of time in car sales, there have been some negative perceptions created. Granted, the world is a big place, and there are always horror stories.

Since 2002, the Ontario government has been involved with Auto sales in Ontario to ensure that all deals are handled correctly and with a strict code of ethics to ensure a positive experience for the buyer, as well as the seller.

As a car salesmen, I can tell you that I’m having a blast. This is the career that I should have been in a long. But that also may be because I’m fortunate to be working with an amazing crew here at Henley Honda.

It’s important to me to be able to give a positive experience for one of the largest purchases a person can make. Henley helps me go the extra mile to make sure my guests are cared for during the sales cycle, and after the vehicle has been delivered.

This is a great time to be selling cars, and Henley Honda is a great place to be doing it.

Your Opinion Matters – Always look at Customer Reviews


Purchasing a car is more than just going to a store, pulling a car off the shelf, and standing in a checkout line. For most of us, buying a new car is the second biggest purchase you can make. You want your experience to be positive, and you want your expectations to be exceeded.

Just like when buying a new TV or Camera, you want to check review sites to see what other people have had to say. Make sure that the service and product that you are interested in is up to your standards and will fit your need. Buying a car is no different.

Google is a great place to look for customer reviews for businesses and service. It’s as simple as searching for the business name and looking at the right of the screen. From there, you have the option to write a review, or read what others have experienced.

Google Search ‘Henley Honda’ and look in the right column. Henley Honda has earned 4.9 out of 5 stars for exceeding out customers expectations. You will even find me a couple times on there!

Diana Chen
Best salesperson I’ve ever met: Joe. I visited four dealers recently looking for a CUV, Joe Ferguson from Henley Honda impressed me the most. He has both passion and knowledge on vehicles willing to share with his customers at any time, and he is the only salesperson who performed a demonstration driving for me which was so persuasive in terms of showing the performance of the vehicle. I think everyone deserves a good salesperson when looking for a dream car, Joe is the one that will help you.

Vince McLaughlin
Henley Honda… What can I say? I quite literally just got home from picking up my new-to-me 2007 Honda Civic EX, and I’m here writing a review. Joe Ferguson, my salesman, was nothing less than 110% professional about the whole process from me seeing the car online, to taking delivery. It’s the kind of salesman everyone wants: one that knows his facts to a T, and one who can be funny and joke around with you to make you feel comfortable. Like you’re supposed to be there buying this car. Sandra, the awesome lady who processed my sale, got the financing going, and guided me through all the scary stuff was absolutely amazing as well. She guided me through everything available to me from GAP insurance, to disability protection, to life insurance, etching, and so on. I literally bought the car on Thursday, and they had that bad boy in the tint shop to get the windows done, detailed, licensed and ready to go for 9AM Saturday. Going above and beyond my expectations is an understatement. I’d highly recommend Henley Honda to anyone looking for a great new or used car. If you’re experience was half as good as mine, you’ll be walking out a happy camper.

The Honda Civic does it again – 16 years running


It’s hard to become the champion, but it’s even harder to keep your title. Once you have the top spot, everyone else will do anything to take it from you, and you must be willing to do anything to keep it.

For 16-years straight, the Honda Civic has maintained its title as being the #1 selling car in Canada.

A big thank you to the Civic Nation for supporting the car that they love, and showing the country the Honda is a big part of Canada.