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Setting the Standard for used cars


While most car companies are constantly searching for ways to keep their new cars ahead of the curve for safety awards the year they are released, not many think of the long term. Yes, a car can be safe the way you buy it, but how does that rate to the safety standards of tomorrow when the car get’s on in years?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently named a line of older Honda Vehicles as ‘safer choices for Teen Drivers’ in a recent list they published, and went on to say, “Honda is the most durable and longest lasting brand in it’s class.”

This says a lot for Honda. Not only are they providing a top quality and safe vehicle today, but it is still gaining recognition years down the road.

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Honda – More Domestic Than you Think


Since 1986, Honda has been producing cars at our award winning facility in Alliston, Ontario. Starting with the Accord in 1986, then switched to the Honda Civic, which has been Canada’s best selling car for the last 16 years.

In 1998, Honda build a second facility in Alliston to increase production as well as add the Odyssey, CR-V, and engine lines.

The manufacturing facilities have an annual capacity of 390,000 units and employs approximately 4,000 Associates. The vehicles produced at HCM are sold in Canada and exported to the United States and other export markets.

Honda’s philosophy believes that you should be building the cars where people are buying them. Honda is Canada, so it just makes good sense.

Heated Seats = Winter Comfort


Burrrrr it’s been chili these days, but the day must go on. We still have places to go and people to see, and our vehicles are going to get us there.

Along with all of the safety features built into every Honda, most models also come standard with heated front seats to help take the bite off the cold when you get into your car.

The seats will fire up to heat within minutes of getting into your car so that you will have all around climate control to make your drive more comfortable.

Come in and check out our full line of Honda vehicles that are designed to keep you safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Keep Warm, Keep Safe


After this weekends warmer weather, rain, and then flash freeze, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots are very slippery.

Keep safe out there, and give yourself extra time to get to your destination.

Keep up to date on the weather in St Catharines here

Seeing Green


Honda has always pushed to be at the forefront of technology with its motors, safety, and designs. But did you know that Honda is also one of the cleanest and most efficient auto manufacturers?

Since the 70’s, Honda has always been concerned with the environment and has always set very steep targets to reduce its impact on the planet. While other brands and manufacturing sectors pollution and emission numbers have been on the rise due to increased manufacturing, Honda has worked hard to meet the customer demand whole reducing its footprint.

That’s right, reducing. Not manufacturing more and trying to stay at the same level of emissions and pollution, but manufacturing more and further reducing.

Did you know:
-American Honda achieved zero waste-to-landfill for three of its nine parts distributing facilities in the US.
-The CO2-adjusted fleet average fuel economy of Honda automobiles for 2012 was improved 9.5% over the previous model year in 2011, put Honda 10.9% better than the US auto industry Average for 2012.
-Honda is committed to sending less than 1% of waste from manufacturing operations in North America to land fills.
-Landfill waste per unit of automobile production has been reduced 94.7% from 2001 baseline levels.

I’m proud to be a part of a company that works this hard to product a quality and safe vehicle, all while making sure we don’t have a lasting impact on the planet.