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Setting the Standard for used cars


While most car companies are constantly searching for ways to keep their new cars ahead of the curve for safety awards the year they are released, not many think of the long term. Yes, a car can be safe the way you buy it, but how does that rate to the safety standards of tomorrow when the car get’s on in years?

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently named a line of older Honda Vehicles as ‘safer choices for Teen Drivers’ in a recent list they published, and went on to say, “Honda is the most durable and longest lasting brand in it’s class.”

This says a lot for Honda. Not only are they providing a top quality and safe vehicle today, but it is still gaining recognition years down the road.

Looking at a new or used Honda for you and your family?


Safety: More than Skin Deep


Before making the move to car sales, I didn’t know what the IIHS was. I know commercials tell me that cars are safe, but I didn’t know the name of the company that did all of the testing, or where to compare. So, in essence, I was buying cars solely based on how they looked and what features they gave me.

Now, I know to always check out the cars I’m looking at on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website to see what tests were performed on the vehicles I’m looking into, and even watch the video’s of the tests themselves.

The IIHS is an indepentant and non-profit organization that tests all cars on an even playing field. The IIHS is constantly raising the bar on it’s tests to that auto manufacturers have to constantly improve their vehicle safety to stay within the requirements. It’s a constantly moving target that drive manufacturers to get better and better every year.

Take some time to check out the site when you are looking to buy your new car. Make sure the car your looking at has a good safety rating before you start looking at features and price. It will payoff in the end.

I’ve Got This…

It’s a fun experience when an enthusiastic Honda owner jumps in on a presentation in the show room to give a new guest their thoughts on the Honda vehicles.

More than a few times I have been interrupted by a guest waiting in the lounge to tell someone about their favorite part of a new CR-V or Civic. Sometimes, it’s easier to just step back and let it happen.

Check out this oldie:

The perception of Car Sales


Since the invention of the car, there has been someone trying to sell them. And since the dawn of time in car sales, there have been some negative perceptions created. Granted, the world is a big place, and there are always horror stories.

Since 2002, the Ontario government has been involved with Auto sales in Ontario to ensure that all deals are handled correctly and with a strict code of ethics to ensure a positive experience for the buyer, as well as the seller.

As a car salesmen, I can tell you that I’m having a blast. This is the career that I should have been in a long. But that also may be because I’m fortunate to be working with an amazing crew here at Henley Honda.

It’s important to me to be able to give a positive experience for one of the largest purchases a person can make. Henley helps me go the extra mile to make sure my guests are cared for during the sales cycle, and after the vehicle has been delivered.

This is a great time to be selling cars, and Henley Honda is a great place to be doing it.

Superbowl – The ‘Big Show’ for commercials


Apparently there was a sports game this weekend. Something about a big bowl?

I’m just playing. Of course this past weekend was the Superbowl. One of the years biggest televised sporting events, and one of the hottest times of the year to get your commercial on the air.

Honda did their well with one of my favorite actors of all time. Mr. Bruce Willis.

Remember, your friends and family are not crash test dummies.


And, watch out for the Superbowl commercial from Subaru. You just might end up in the ‘Dog House.’




Honda does it again!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has named the 2014 Honda Civic, Accord, and Odyssey as TOP SAFETY PICK for their year.

The IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK rating recognizes vehicles that do the best job of protecting vehicle occupants involved in front, side and rear crashes, plus rollover and small overlap front crashes based on performance in the Institute’s tests.

What does this mean for you? You can feel comfortable knowing that Honda has spared no expense to make your Honda vehicle safe for you and your family.

Come on in to see the new lines of Honda Vehicles and experience how they are going to set the bar for Performance and Safety.

IIHS Top Safety Pick

Vehicle Safety is often sacrificed for style and price. But what if you can have it all?

Honda has done the research and the testing. You just had to driving it knowing that IF there was an accident, you are safe in the best of its class.