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Honda Rally Racing…In a Fit?!


In other parts of the world, the Honda Fit is called the Honda Jazz.
And in other parts of the world, the Honda Jazz is used as a full blast rally car!!! Intense!

If you have come in and talked to me about the Fit, you know that I’m completely amped about this platform. I think the potenial of being a track race car is amazing, and it would be a blast to slam through the gears, but I never even considered it as a rally car.

Check out this video to see the Honda Jazz Rally in action.


Thule: Deals in Unlikely places


You wouldn’t expect to come to a place like a Honda dealership to get the cheapest price on a bike rack. Normally, in a dealership, you would be getting a comparable price as an accessory to be able to include in your financing, but what if I told you that Henley Honda could offer you a better price than a bike shop?

Tim, our Parts Manager works hard to bring our clients the best deals and prices for the products that they need. Honda, or otherwise, Tim is going to get you a better price.

At Henley, we offer the Thule like of bike accessories to mount on your vehicles. Doesn’t have to be a Honda, we can get it for you, and at prices that are usually cheaper than your local bike shop.

Looking for something for the summer season? Come on in and talk to us about your need…we will find a part.

Honda Brings Music to your Ears


To continue to build in the market, Honda is investments with the music and concert scene. By opening up additional stages at major concert venues as well as creating amazing back stage content, Honda is helping to bridge the gap.

With the Honda Stage and Civic Nation Tour, Honda is looking to;
The Honda Stage program brings Listen, View, Attend opportunities through:

-Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater L.A. will bring dozens of live and intimate performances by the hottest acts. The concert series will be promoted on air and online across Clear Channel radio stations, which reaches more than 245 million monthly listeners nationwide, and through iHeartRadio, Clear Channel’s all-in-one digital music service.
-Several major custom Honda Stage concert events in iconic locations across the U.S. produced by Live Nation
-Honda Stage at REVOLT Studios Hollywood will deliver regular live interviews and in-studio performances on the Honda Stage, broadcast on REVOLT TV, the iOS and Android REVOLT apps and the Honda Stage YouTube Channel
Honda Stage at top US Festivals, including performances by leading artists at Governors Ball in New York, Austin City Limits Music Festival and Music Midtown in Atlanta
-Honda Civic Tour, now in its 13th year, will become three successive tours targeting specific genres, featuring Grouplove and Portugal. The Man, American Authors and 3BallMTY. For additional information on the 2014 Civic Tour visit:

Check out the event information on YouTube

Car sales doesn’t have to be a poker game…


Car sales doesn’t have to be a poker game…

You don’t have to be an expert card player or negotiation to get a great deal on a car. Not with me. I’m terrible at cards, so I prefer to show you my hand so everyone knows what we are working with.

No one wants to walk away from a big purchase like a car thinking that they could have gotten it cheaper, or that they left some money on the table. I feel the EXACT same way, so it’s my duty and my commitment to my clients to make sure I get them the best deal.

It’s my goal to make your vehicle buying experience stress free and as easy as possible. I will show you everything about the vehicle, explain all of the features, help you select the perfect vehicle for your need, and then work FOR you to get the best price.

Making me your Vehicle Account Manager get’s you a solid deal every time. Not only to I sell a great brand, but I am also supported by an amazing sales and support team to make sure that you will be confident with every interaction with Henley Honda that you received a great deal, and the best service.

Come see me for a no hassle buying experience.

What is said when I’m not there…


As with everything in life, it’s important to make a great first impression, but just as important in sales is leaving a long lasting and positive footprint.

I pride myself on my service and willingness to meet my clients needs. The best way for me to prove my worth as a Vehicle Account Manager is my survey scores that my clients have submitted after the initial transaction has been completed and the vehicle has been delivered.

I’m very proud to boast that my survey stats are 100%. Every client who has completed a survey with Honda has scored me the highest marks as a salesmen and my knowledge of the product. This is a huge achievement for me, and a major goal for me to continue my top level service.

You should always expect the best from your vehicle purchase. It’s a huge decision, and a major purchase. It needs to be treated as such. That’s where I excel.

Expect more from me…

Finance vs. Lease?


Lease or Finance?

This is a question that I field on almost every discussion about a new car. Most of my guests that come in are only looking to keep their car for 4-5 years, and are unaware of the options that they have from a payment perspective.

If I had to put a number on it, I would say that more than half the car buying population has a negative perception of leasing. Lots of horror stories from the past about how a lease cost them more money, or how they have to count kilometres to make sure they don’t go over the pre-set allowance. But things have changed. Well, at least with Honda they have.

Some of the important things to consider when making the decision on how you are going to pay for your new car are;
1. How long do you plan on keeping the car for?
2. How much do you typically drive in a year?
3. Do you foresee your needs changing in the future?

At Henley, more than half of our customers enjoy the benefits of leasing, but it’s not for everyone. In certain situations, it doesn’t make sense, and I help you understand what those situations are.

Let me be clear that as your Vehicle Account Manager, I don’t have a preference on how you pay for your new car. What is good for you is good for me. But I will ask you the qualifying questions and present you with your options. Sometimes, one works out better for your needs, and ultimately, that’s what I care about.

Want to know more about Lease vs. Finance?

Why should I buy an extended warranty?


Why should I buy an extended warranty?

A very common question that I get asked from my guests is why they would want to take an additional warranty on a Honda product. A couple schools of thought around the warranty is;
“I through Honda was reliable. Why would I need an additional warranty?” and;
“Shouldn’t you include that already? Other brands do.”

Are Honda’s reliable? Oh yes…absolutely they are. possibly one of the most brands on the road today, which can be proven by the high residual and resale value of Honda vehicles, as well as the sheer number of older Honda’s that are still in service today. 75% or all Honda’s sold in North America in the last 25 years are still licensed and in service. Amazing when the average is 54% through all brands.

And, should be include an extended warranty already? My short answer is…no. Someone has to pay for that additional warranty. That money has to come from somewhere. Some brands choose to build the car to a lesser quality to keep a higher profit margin in the car so that they can automatically extend the warranty. They make it sound like it’s an added bonus, but really…it cost you somewhere. Maybe not anything extra at the time of the deal, but that just means that the car is not worth as much build wise so they could add it in. Chances are in this situation, you will need the extra warranty.

Honda takes a different route. Instead, they do not force you into something that you don’t need. The Honda brand is built to a higher standard. They invest in the design and the quality of the product so that reliability is high. This means that your Honda vehicle will outlast another brand for years and TON is kilometres. But that does not mean the car is infallible. While the Honda product has a very low repair rate, there is still the chance. This is where the additional warranty can come in.

For the smart buyer, taking the additional warranty will help to protect your investment for possible concerns down the line. It helps to keep your finances and your savings safe from rare but possible mechanical concerns that you could guard yourself against with a Honda warranty. And since Honda cars are so reliable, the cost of an extended warranty is much lower than you may expect.

A Honda Civic automatically come with a 3yr/60,000km comprehensive warranty. To extent this warranty to 4yr/100,000km, you would only have to pay $568. Or maybe a 5yr/120,000km. That’s only $848.

It doesn’t make sense to NOT protect your investment and to protect yourself.

Want to know more about the Honda Product and how you can protect yourself?

How Quickly can I get my car?


How quickly can I get my car?

Another question that I am asked often from my guests is, “How quickly can I get my car?”

Most of the time with buying a new car, there is a minimum of 48-hours from when you purchase the car until when you can pick it up. This time is needed to make sure we can get all of the papers, inspection, and detail in order to not only make sure that the car can be correctly registered, but also to make sure everything about the car needs the Honda standard, and a full detail is completed to clean it up from shipping.

Since I started in car sales, I have learned actually how many steps a car has to go through in order to be ready for you. It’s actually quite amazing how all of the departments work together to make sure everything is smooth for you. The goal is to remove as much work from you as possible to get your new car. This includes our Finance and Insurance Team getting notifying your insurance company of the change, and getting your license plates updated.

But now, back to the original question. How long can it take?

Well, if we have the vehicle you are looking for in stock, the average turn around time is 48-hours. If we have to locate the vehicle from another storage lot somewhere else in the province, we are sometimes at the mercy of those inventory managers picking up their phones and/or calling us back to confirm they still have what we are looking for. Then, once we know it’s there, we dispatch drivers to secure the vehicle for you. This can add a few days to the process.

And in other situation, we have the vehicle you are looking for already ordered and incoming on a truck. When that happens, we will have a projected date for you, so you will have a better idea as to when it may come in.

Of course…at the end of the day, the Henley Honda Team is 100% driven to get you into your new car. At the end of the day, we cannot get paid for our work until your car is delivered, so we are just as motivated as you are to make the connection.

The best way to get the car you want quickly is to purchase early in the production year to make sure there is a large inventory of color and model. Another great way is to have a couple color options so that we are able to get you projected dates on how quickly we can prepare a vehicle for you.

Are you looking for a new vehicle? Let’s talk about availability.

Is that your best price?


Is that your best price?

Thinking back to all my discussions with my guests, I feel like this is the most asked question during the entire buying experience. And I don’t blame people for asking. It’s a natural reaction when presented with the final pricing for a car.

I find that my guests will fall in love with the car, but still want to make sure that they are getting a fair deal. No one wants to pay more for something, and everyone always wants to make sure they are not leaving any money on the table. We all work hard for our money, and want to keep as much of it as possible.

We have all heard horror stories from the past with car salesmen. The shady car lots that you feel like you have to take a shower after you leave, or the brand name dealers that tuck in hidden fee’s to add more profit into the deal. But that’s all a thing of the past. With OMVIC enforcing fair practices, and the level of competition being at an all time high, there is no room for playing around.

Truth is, profit margins are tight on all cars now. Gone are the days where you can get thousands off a car, UNLESS the manufacturer has inflated their invoice prices to give dealerships additional kick back. That means that the room to move on a quality car is minimal, or a brand is building a poor quality car and charging a high quality price so that they can look like a better deal at the end of the day when they tell you that you are getting thousands off.

For me, I just like to be straight up and honest in the first place. I’m confident in my product and I trust my management team to help me give you a great deal. The Honda product line is build to quality, and you can trust that you will not only get a great value for your car today, but that it will also maintain it’s value down the line incase you want to resell.

In the end, car sales are a business, and a business needs to make some money on a car in order to pay the teas that are here to support you. Just as important as the buying price for your car today is the quality of the team here to support you in the years to come. When you have the total package, like we do here at Henley Honda, you know that you are getting the best deal every time.

Come on in and check out what we do here at Henley. Not just the cars, but also the service and parts teams. This is the family you want to do business with.