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What does Brand Loyalty do for you at Honda?

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Brand Loyalty can be an important part of your decisions to buy products. We all have trusted brands that we have used for years, and it’s hard to switch to something else because we know that the specific product or brand has done us well. It’s no different with cars.

It’s a very common situation to have clients come in that are on their 4th or 5th Honda. In some cases, Honda was their first car, and they have stuck with the brand ever since. The reliability and trust with the company and the product, as well as the VIP treatment that they get from their local parts and service centre keeps them coming back.

Honda works hard to keep clients coming back. As a manufacturer, they make sure that they listen to what their clients have to say about their vehicles, and make any changes needed to keep giving you what YOU want. They also do an amazing job with financing discounts for returning customers to help keep costs down on a quality and dependable car.

Any time you move from a Honda Finance to another Honda Finance, being either a Lease or a Purchase Finance, you automatically get a 1% discount on your financing rate. During amazing events like the Honda Checkered Flag event where Honda is offering 0.99%, YEAH!!! You do the math.

To all of you that currently drive a Honda…Thank you.
To anyone that has been considering a Honda, or has never had the experience of driving a Honda…let’s talk. Let’s start to build loyalty.


Finance vs. Lease?


Lease or Finance?

This is a question that I field on almost every discussion about a new car. Most of my guests that come in are only looking to keep their car for 4-5 years, and are unaware of the options that they have from a payment perspective.

If I had to put a number on it, I would say that more than half the car buying population has a negative perception of leasing. Lots of horror stories from the past about how a lease cost them more money, or how they have to count kilometres to make sure they don’t go over the pre-set allowance. But things have changed. Well, at least with Honda they have.

Some of the important things to consider when making the decision on how you are going to pay for your new car are;
1. How long do you plan on keeping the car for?
2. How much do you typically drive in a year?
3. Do you foresee your needs changing in the future?

At Henley, more than half of our customers enjoy the benefits of leasing, but it’s not for everyone. In certain situations, it doesn’t make sense, and I help you understand what those situations are.

Let me be clear that as your Vehicle Account Manager, I don’t have a preference on how you pay for your new car. What is good for you is good for me. But I will ask you the qualifying questions and present you with your options. Sometimes, one works out better for your needs, and ultimately, that’s what I care about.

Want to know more about Lease vs. Finance?

You are NOT stuck in your current vehicle. I can help


Needs change from day to day, and this can include the need for a new or different vehicle. Sometimes, people are in Finance or Leases that they don’t believe they can get out of, or they feel trapped. That’s not a good thing.

Every day, I hear from guests that say, “I wish I could get out of my lease for me truck.” And they are forcing themselves to pay for a vehicle or a situation they don’t want to be in. You don’t have to!

Come and talk to me on how I can get you out of your finance or lease and into a new vehicle that fits your current wants and needs. I did it, and I’m in a better situation for it.

Where will your car be in 25 years?


Another important thing to think about when purchasing your new or used car is longevity. Hold long will your car be around for?

Even if you are only leasing for 4-years, you still want a quality car that will have minimal maintenance, and that will bring a great trade value due to market confidence. So for that, look to the past.

A great way to see how the market feels about a vehicle brand is to compare the older models of the cars you are looking for. Look at a site like to see what the 4, 5, and maybe all the way up to 10 year resale value looks like for the brand you are looking to buy. Is there a $4000 difference in price 4 years down the road for cars that cost around the same price now? Why is that?

You want to get a car that lasts. Even if you are only keeping it for a short period of time, you want to command a high residual and high trade value so you can get the best out of your investment.

Here’s a staggering number. 75% of Honda’s sold in the last 25 years are still on the road. 75%!!! That speaks volumes to the design and build quality of a car. When you invest in a Honda, you are investing in a vehicle that stands the test of time in our North American conditions.

Check out this site for more information:

Know your options – You CAN get more for less

2014 honda civic push button start

Over the past few years, Honda has been improving the quality of their cars as well as adding features WITHOUT making significant price increased. Add to that, the amazing residual value of a Honda. All this adds up to a great opportunity to trade in your older car for a good trade value, get into a brand new car with the tech you want, and possibly reduce your monthly payment. Yes! Reduce!

In most situations, my guests are not aware of what amazing deals that they can get on a new Honda. They hear about all the technology and features the cars have and expect to pay significantly more. Then when I bring them a work sheet, and show them the bottom line they say, ‘That’s it? I’m getting the one with the sunroof and push button start, right?’

All it takes is an appointment to come in and explore your options. No commitment to buy, but I’m confident that after you experience the Honda, and I show you what you can get for less than you expect, you will be amazed.

Joe Ferguson

The Honda Civic does it again – 16 years running


It’s hard to become the champion, but it’s even harder to keep your title. Once you have the top spot, everyone else will do anything to take it from you, and you must be willing to do anything to keep it.

For 16-years straight, the Honda Civic has maintained its title as being the #1 selling car in Canada.

A big thank you to the Civic Nation for supporting the car that they love, and showing the country the Honda is a big part of Canada.

What will your car be worth?


Future resale/trade value of your car is an often overlooked factor when buying a new vehicle. We are always looking for our value for money right now, but what about in 3 or 4 years later? This is a factor that will heavily impact decisions for the future.

This past week, I was almost knocked out of my chair hearing about resale values of some cars. A 2002 domestic sedan with 108,000 KM being traded in as scrape because the motor was already gone. A 2004 domestic luxury truck that retailed for over $100,000 brand new, and the customer was happy to get $1000.

This drove me to the Internet to search out future value Honda vehicles, as well as some of the competition. What did I find?

On average, comparing vehicles of the same year, comparable trim levels, and mileage, the Honda cars were averaging $1500-$2000 more.

This tells me that Honda is a trusted and valued brand that demands a better price, even after years of service.

Keep this in the back of your mind the next time you are making a decision on a vehicle purchase. What will it be worth in 3-4 years? Does that makes up for the difference in the payment?