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What does Brand Loyalty do for you at Honda?

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Brand Loyalty can be an important part of your decisions to buy products. We all have trusted brands that we have used for years, and it’s hard to switch to something else because we know that the specific product or brand has done us well. It’s no different with cars.

It’s a very common situation to have clients come in that are on their 4th or 5th Honda. In some cases, Honda was their first car, and they have stuck with the brand ever since. The reliability and trust with the company and the product, as well as the VIP treatment that they get from their local parts and service centre keeps them coming back.

Honda works hard to keep clients coming back. As a manufacturer, they make sure that they listen to what their clients have to say about their vehicles, and make any changes needed to keep giving you what YOU want. They also do an amazing job with financing discounts for returning customers to help keep costs down on a quality and dependable car.

Any time you move from a Honda Finance to another Honda Finance, being either a Lease or a Purchase Finance, you automatically get a 1% discount on your financing rate. During amazing events like the Honda Checkered Flag event where Honda is offering 0.99%, YEAH!!! You do the math.

To all of you that currently drive a Honda…Thank you.
To anyone that has been considering a Honda, or has never had the experience of driving a Honda…let’s talk. Let’s start to build loyalty.


History makes it so real


Everything and every one has a history. A series of events that brought them to now and helped them form into the person or the company that they are today. But history can tell a lot about a person or a company…so pay attention.

Since I have been working with Honda, I have been doing a lot of research into the past. It’s important for me to work with a company that feel good about and a company that I can share values with. Honda is 100% that company.

The history and the culture created with Honda is amazing. The company has literally been formed out of ashes and through hard work and determination, become one of the world leaders in motor products. Not just with cars, but also with motorcycles, and small engines.

Check out this video that touches a little on the History and how Honda was formed. It’s an oldie, but it’s still fun to watch.

Want to know more about Honda today?

Thank you! Again and Again!

Thanks Again!!!

As an ongoing thank you for your purchase and your support, I’m going to show the love back to my guests for their trust and their purchase.

Starting this month, I will be giving away a detail package every month as a way of saying Thank you. This is an amazing opportunity to keep your Honda clean and looking new.

That’s right! Every month, one lucky person that has purchased a car from me will win a Silver Package Detail from me. The Silver Package is valued at $98.88, but you could win one…for Free!!!

To be included in the give-away, you have to have purchased a car from me. And once you have, you are entered for life. Every month, you name will be put in the draw. Every car from here on out will get you entered for a chance to win.

I wish you all good luck.

I will contact the winner each month to let them know about their prize.

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You are NOT stuck in your current vehicle. I can help


Needs change from day to day, and this can include the need for a new or different vehicle. Sometimes, people are in Finance or Leases that they don’t believe they can get out of, or they feel trapped. That’s not a good thing.

Every day, I hear from guests that say, “I wish I could get out of my lease for me truck.” And they are forcing themselves to pay for a vehicle or a situation they don’t want to be in. You don’t have to!

Come and talk to me on how I can get you out of your finance or lease and into a new vehicle that fits your current wants and needs. I did it, and I’m in a better situation for it.

It’s not you, it’s Me: My affair with good fuel mileage

Pump Nozzle

Over the past few years, I have been driving a 2012 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Super Crew. You know, that new V6 Twin Turbo motor that was supposed to get 14L/100km City and 9.6L/100km Highway? Well, those numbers were significantly under estimated, and I calculated with the average fuel price of $1.30 per litre, I was paying $25 per 100km I was driving in the city. Yikes!!

But don’t worry, things have changed. Since I got into my new 2014 Honda Civic EX, I have broken off my dependency and torrid relationship with gas stations. Gone are the days that I had to put $50 into the truck every few days, and now I’m only putting $50 in the car every week and a half.

Pump Prices

Obviously, I knew long ago that I was going to have to make a change in vehicle, but I was afraid what the negative equity from the truck would do to the payment of my new car. Yes, absorbing a sizable amount of negative equity into a new car lease does change the monthly numbers a bit, but the fuel savings alone more than make up for the difference. It was a no brainer to make the move.

Maybe my F150 to Civic story is a bit extreme of an example. It we are comparing apples to oranges with use and size of vehicle, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from better fuel economy from a car to a car as well.

With the new CVT Tranmission, and updates to the Civics engine and exhaust, you will see an improvement in fuel mileage from most cars. Even the 2013 year Civic models. And if your car is 5+ years old, it’s efficiency will have dropped and you will be using more fuel than when the car was new.

With the ever fluctuating prices of fuel, the one thing that’s certain is that you need to find a comfortable and safe car that uses as little gas as possible to maximize your savings. Every dollar you spend on fuel can’t be returned. It’s gone. But can you spend less?

Maybe it’s time we look at the numbers. Come check out a new car and we can see if it’s financially responsible for you to upgrade to something more fuel efficient.

It’s all about customer service. That’s what makes Henley Different


Few people can say that they are excited to go to work every day. A lot of people see work as a nessicary evil, or a means to an end. Something that you have to do so that you can afford to do the things that you want to do.

I used to be like that. 6 months ago, I took a huge dive into the unknown. Left everything that I had known for the last 15 years, and started a new career in car sales. Was this a good choice? Ohhhhh yes!

Now, I’m working at something that I love, with a team of amazing people. A team of people who’s sole focus is to make sure our guests get top notch service. Not only when they step into the dealership, but extending out to their day to day lives.

Purchasing a car is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. We know that. We also know that you want the best car for your money, but that you also want great after purchase support. Well…that’s what Henley Honda and Subaru of Niagara excel at. It’s an amazing feeling.

Our teams here do not ‘pass the buck.’ We do not boggle around problems until someone eventually takes care of it while you shake your head. Instead, we tackle concerns head on to make sure it’s dealt with immediatly and with little to no impact to you as our guest.

Do you get service like this with your current auto dealer?

How about this…
Come and see me. Let me introduce you to our team. I’ll show you the difference and IF you are ever looking for a car in the future, maybe you will look to us first.

Honda Builds 20 Millionth Automobile in the U.S.

Last week, Honda US celebrated an amazing milestone. 20 Million auto’s made in the US.

This is an absolutely amazing milestone for Honda. This not only shows Honda’s commitment to North America, but also North America’s commitment to Honda.

This year, Honda also celebrated the amazing feat of exporting more cars than they import, and enjoy the feeling of having 95% of all their auto’s made in North America. Later this year when Honda Mexico starts making the Fit’s. That will improve the number to up to 100%. AMAZING!!!!

Honda has done very well with their key philosophies and values. It’s something we can all be proud of.

Great work Honda!

Honda Loves You Back


“Honda Loves You Back”

What a fun campaign Honda did to show appreciation for Honda owners. It puts a big smile on my face.

Honda set up stations and promotion days to surprise drivers with every day things like free parking, a car wash, lunch, and even back massages…all for owning a Honda!

That’s right…these were real life situations where people were pulling into parking lots, or driving down the road, and they were pleasantly surprised by freebies. And all because they love their Honda’s, so Honda loved them back.

Check out the videos for some fun stories.
If your ready to love your Honda, drop me a line

Resource Canada names two Honda Vehicles


Two of the Honda Hybrid models were recognized by Resource Canada as being the most fuel efficient vehicles in their class for 2014.

Natural Resources Canada recognizes the most fuel-efficient new light-duty vehicles in their class sold in Canada each model year. Best-in-class vehicles have the lowest estimated annual fuel use, based on 20,000 km driven with a mix of 55 percent city and 45 percent highway. For each class, the most fuel-efficient conventional vehicle and the most efficient advanced technology vehicle are recognized.

The awards were given to the 2014 Accord Hybrid, and the 2014 CR-Z.

At the store, we have had a lot of interest on the Accord Hybrid with it’s 4L/100km city fuel mileage rating. The CR-Z is an amazing little two-seater sports coupe with a Hybrid function to help lower emissions and fuel costs.

Congrats to the engineers that have made these cars possible. It’s a good day to own a Honda.

Where will your car be in 25 years?


Another important thing to think about when purchasing your new or used car is longevity. Hold long will your car be around for?

Even if you are only leasing for 4-years, you still want a quality car that will have minimal maintenance, and that will bring a great trade value due to market confidence. So for that, look to the past.

A great way to see how the market feels about a vehicle brand is to compare the older models of the cars you are looking for. Look at a site like to see what the 4, 5, and maybe all the way up to 10 year resale value looks like for the brand you are looking to buy. Is there a $4000 difference in price 4 years down the road for cars that cost around the same price now? Why is that?

You want to get a car that lasts. Even if you are only keeping it for a short period of time, you want to command a high residual and high trade value so you can get the best out of your investment.

Here’s a staggering number. 75% of Honda’s sold in the last 25 years are still on the road. 75%!!! That speaks volumes to the design and build quality of a car. When you invest in a Honda, you are investing in a vehicle that stands the test of time in our North American conditions.

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