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Subaru: Launch Control Series


I love Auto Racing. More than the racing itself, I love the engineering and dedication from the race teams to make it all come together. It’s a constant struggle and search for more speed.

The Subaru Rally Team USA has put together an amazing web show called Launch Control to show you the progression of the Subaru Rally America and Global Rally Cross Teams. It’s an great series showing behind the scenes of auto racing.

Check it out

Interested in a WRX STi?


Crazy Deal Alert! 2005 Subaru WRX STi

STi Side

It’s rare that you see a car as amazing as this come into a dealership. Clean and cared for, this is going to make someone very happy.

This car is so clean that you could eat off the carpets. But that’s not all. It has a great list of well done modifications that sets this STi above all others.

Following vehicle information & MODs:
USDM 2005 (so it has HIDs).
World Rally Blue.
Gold BBS.
Full detail 2-3 times a year, washed bi-weekly, waxed monthly.
Garage parked @ home and garage parked @ work – stored in the winter.
Local owner since 2008.
auto dim rear-view mirror, boost gauge and short shifter.

Turbo XS turbo back exhaust (catted and silencer).
Pro-tuned @ Speed Industries for 93/94 octane with AccessPort v1
SG Motorsports AOS.
Koyo Radiator.

EBC Yellow Stuff pads.
Agency Power SS brake lines.
RCE Black Springs.
RCE front and rear sway bars.
Rallitek Endlinks.
Re-packed struts.
Com-C front top hats.
Group- N rear top hats.
Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit (sport).
free caster mod.
Sport alignment.

Perrin front shifter bushings.
Whiteline Steering rack bushing.
Kartboy exhaust hangers.
Primal Al Skid plate with cut-outs for drain plug and oil filter.
flapattack mud flaps.
polyurethane front lip.

Synthetic oil change ever 4800kms with factory oil filters.

Financing available for 36 months

Call me for bookings

Sti Inside

STi Rear

STi Wheels

STi engine

New York Auto Show – Even More to Come


Haven’t have enough new release and up coming vehicle released from the who’s who in the auto industry? Me neither!

This next week is going to be another major event in the auto world. The New York International Auto Show. This will be another event for manufacturers large and small to showcase their products and release new information for their markets.

I’m excited to see what is going to get released on this one.

Civic Si or BRZ Sport Tech?


There is no shortage of quality when it comes to performance at a good price between Honda and Subaru. Being able to sell them both, I find myself being torn between the new Civic Si and the BRZ Sport Tech.

Both cars perform and are equipped at a high level, and are priced almost the same. It’s amazing.

Both cars are at or just above 200 Horse Power.
Both cars put all their power through an amazing 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Both cars offer an amazing driving experience
And Both cars are priced under $30,000 and are loaded with great features like Navigation, Push Button Start, and a Premium Sound System.

One of the biggest differences between the two is that the Civic Si is Front-Wheel Drive, and the BRZ Sport-Tech is Rear-Wheel Drive.

It’s not an easy decision. Which would you pick?

It’s all about customer service. That’s what makes Henley Different


Few people can say that they are excited to go to work every day. A lot of people see work as a nessicary evil, or a means to an end. Something that you have to do so that you can afford to do the things that you want to do.

I used to be like that. 6 months ago, I took a huge dive into the unknown. Left everything that I had known for the last 15 years, and started a new career in car sales. Was this a good choice? Ohhhhh yes!

Now, I’m working at something that I love, with a team of amazing people. A team of people who’s sole focus is to make sure our guests get top notch service. Not only when they step into the dealership, but extending out to their day to day lives.

Purchasing a car is a big decision, and not one to be taken lightly. We know that. We also know that you want the best car for your money, but that you also want great after purchase support. Well…that’s what Henley Honda and Subaru of Niagara excel at. It’s an amazing feeling.

Our teams here do not ‘pass the buck.’ We do not boggle around problems until someone eventually takes care of it while you shake your head. Instead, we tackle concerns head on to make sure it’s dealt with immediatly and with little to no impact to you as our guest.

Do you get service like this with your current auto dealer?

How about this…
Come and see me. Let me introduce you to our team. I’ll show you the difference and IF you are ever looking for a car in the future, maybe you will look to us first.

Honda in Video Games


Cars are a culture. They are a passion. And in some cases, they are sickness. I think I call into the last category. Every since I was a kid, I have been addicted to cars.

Since I can’t drive them all in real life, sometimes I turn to video games to get my fix. But with the way the games are built these days, with the right set up, the feeling is almost real.

Honda is a big part of these games. For the new 2014 Civic Si, Forza Motorsports was the first game to get the full detail of the new car and make it alive in a video game.

Within the game, you could drive and car a digital replica of the Si, along with a list of other Honda cars to challenge the world.

Check out the video for an amazing view of the Civic Si in the digital world. You can check out the game for other amazing Honda cars from history.

Forza Motorsports 5 Honda Cars:

Rally Racing in Ontario – Bancroft


In the world of racing, you can find almost anything. Road, Dirt, Water, sand…doesn’t matter. If you can make contact on it, someone wants to race you on it.

One of my favorite type of racing is Rally. There is something about driving a car down a dirt road at excessive speeds. Pushing yourself and your car to the ragged edge with total disaster being a small mistake away. Wow!!

Remember, I can get you into a Subaru as well

Check out this video to see a Subaru WRX STi racing the Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft, Ontario.

Safety: More than Skin Deep


Before making the move to car sales, I didn’t know what the IIHS was. I know commercials tell me that cars are safe, but I didn’t know the name of the company that did all of the testing, or where to compare. So, in essence, I was buying cars solely based on how they looked and what features they gave me.

Now, I know to always check out the cars I’m looking at on the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety website to see what tests were performed on the vehicles I’m looking into, and even watch the video’s of the tests themselves.

The IIHS is an indepentant and non-profit organization that tests all cars on an even playing field. The IIHS is constantly raising the bar on it’s tests to that auto manufacturers have to constantly improve their vehicle safety to stay within the requirements. It’s a constantly moving target that drive manufacturers to get better and better every year.

Take some time to check out the site when you are looking to buy your new car. Make sure the car your looking at has a good safety rating before you start looking at features and price. It will payoff in the end.

Looking for a Long Term Customer Relationship


Not just looking for the next car deal, I’m looking for a long lasting customer relationship.

Coming from a long history in Call Centre’s, I have learned the importance of building a great relationship with my clients. Trust goes a long way in business, and when you have it, it’s critical that you maintain it.

It’s my goal to build lifelong relationships with my customer’s. A two way street of communication and trust so that you know that your best interests are always my focus, and that you can always come to me to help with your car buying decision, and that you would be comfortable sending your friends and family to me for the same service.

How does that sound to you?

Apple Car Play coming to Honda


iOS in your car? Ohhh…this is getting better by the days.

Just announced, Apple has created Apple Car Play to help integrate your iPhone, apps, and it’s features seamlessly with your cars interface.

Apple Car Play will give you better control over your music, maps, messages, and phone calls from your steering wheel and Digital Audio Touchscreen system.

I’m excited to hear more about this system and to see when it’s released in our Honda cars later this year.