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Subaru: Launch Control Series


I love Auto Racing. More than the racing itself, I love the engineering and dedication from the race teams to make it all come together. It’s a constant struggle and search for more speed.

The Subaru Rally Team USA has put together an amazing web show called Launch Control to show you the progression of the Subaru Rally America and Global Rally Cross Teams. It’s an great series showing behind the scenes of auto racing.

Check it out

Interested in a WRX STi?


History makes it so real


Everything and every one has a history. A series of events that brought them to now and helped them form into the person or the company that they are today. But history can tell a lot about a person or a company…so pay attention.

Since I have been working with Honda, I have been doing a lot of research into the past. It’s important for me to work with a company that feel good about and a company that I can share values with. Honda is 100% that company.

The history and the culture created with Honda is amazing. The company has literally been formed out of ashes and through hard work and determination, become one of the world leaders in motor products. Not just with cars, but also with motorcycles, and small engines.

Check out this video that touches a little on the History and how Honda was formed. It’s an oldie, but it’s still fun to watch.

Want to know more about Honda today?

What’s the point if you can’t have fun


What’s the point of all of this amazing engineering if you can’t have fun with it?

I love when people do fun things with engines. Just like back in the days of Tim Allen and Home Improvement…people are always doing fun stuff with lawn equipment.

Check out this video or the Honda Mean Mower. Yeah, that’s right…1000cc motor loaded in a riding mower making 109 HP.

You may get a couple speeding tickets, but at least you can pay for the fines with all the lawns you cut along the way.

Honda partners with Pikes Peak


The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is the second oldest motor sports race in American. Since 1916, this race is run on a 12.42 mile course with 156 turns that beings at 9,390 feet and finishes at the 14,115 foot summit of the Pikes Peak Mountain.

The Pikes Peak race has always been the true test of driver, machine, and pit crew. As the cars climb the mountain, the air thins out and robs the cars of 30% of their power by the time they hit the hill. Drivers also have to contend with the dangers of insane speeds into hairpin corners with cliff drops that you could not walk away from. All in the quest to be named ‘King of the Mountain.”

For 2014, Honda has joined Pikes Peak as a partner in the race. With their support, Honda is looking to extend their racing heritage and compete on all levels.

In the past, Honda has entered the Fit, and the Odyssey in the race, as well as motor cycles and quads.

With this partnership, we can expect to see even more coverage and participation from the Race Teams at Honda.

I’m excited to see what Honda has in store with the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Race.

Check out this video for Sebastian Loeb’s record setting run up the Peak.

How do cars inspire you?

Drfit Truck

Since I was old enough to know what they were, cars have always been my motivation and drive to do better. They have always been my milestone goals and target prize for excellent performance.

It’s good to know that I’m not the only one. It seems that the world is addicted to cars, and the things that you can do to cars. It inspires art and drives innovation to the next level.

Check out this video of a drift battle between a car, and yeah…a semi!!! Wow! It’s amazing what can be done with engineering and the need to do something silly.

What is Apple Car Play?

Car Play

Since the official announcement of the new Apple Car Play in Honda cars, I have fielded a lot of questions about exactly what Apple Car Play is, what it does, and when it will be available.

Apple Car Play is an amazing addition to the technology placed in the Honda cars. It helps create an even more seamless integration between the cars interface and the Apple iPhone. It will offer full voice control over the phone through the cars interface, as well as additional car/phone functions through the touch screen in the dash.

Overall, the Apple Car Play is a big step forward to making our cars mesh better with our every day lives by connecting with our smartphones…which for some, have become a very important part of our communication and organization.

We expect to see Apple Car Play in the new Honda’s by the end of the year.

To check out the new line of Honda’s, connect with me.

Check out this link for more information about Apple Car Play

Honda HR-V Set for Winter Release

HR-V Front 3_4

Are you looking for an SUV, the but CR-V is just a little larger that you wanted? That’s ok, check out the new HR-V.

Coming this winter, Honda released the new HR-V in North America. This is a ‘Compact SUV’ to fill a gap in the Honda line up between the standard size CR-V and the sub compact Honda Fit.

I’m looking forward to driving this new offering from Honda. It’s going to make another great addition to the already amazing Honda line up.

More details about the HR-V coming throughout the summer.

New York Auto Show – Even More to Come


Haven’t have enough new release and up coming vehicle released from the who’s who in the auto industry? Me neither!

This next week is going to be another major event in the auto world. The New York International Auto Show. This will be another event for manufacturers large and small to showcase their products and release new information for their markets.

I’m excited to see what is going to get released on this one.

The New Fit is Coming!!!

2015 Honda Fit

For those of you that know me in person, you would be surprised that I’m so excited about the 2015 Honda Fit.

Normally, I’m all about the massive Horsepower, Lifted Trucks, and canyon carving sports cars. But this new Fit has got my attention…big time.

The Fit, or Jazz as it’s known oversea’s has been a huge hit. But North America has had a ‘Love it or Leave it’ relationship with this little fella. We have wide open roads and love to hear the the rumble of the exhaust, so naturally, the Fit was not out first choice. But ohhh the times have changed.

With 2015, the Fit is getting some amazing upgrades. It’s adopting the same advanced technology that it’s older brothers, the Civic and the Accord have had. The Digital Audio Touch Screen, Heated Seats, Leather, Sunroof, more horsepower and most exciting for me, the 6-Speed Manual Transmission!!!

The Fit has really grown up. It’s become an amazing little car and I know that this is going to be a hit with North America. I myself would love to get one and take it to the track for some laps.

Check out the official release from Honda to talk more about the trim levels and changes.

Handmade Fit: Would you build your own vehicle?


With the 2015 Honda Fit just around the corner, I’m excited for all the press that started to come out. Even if it’s just an April Fool’s Joke.

Here’s a funny little commercial on a Do-It-Yourself Honda Fit Package that would be fun to have if actually made available.

Check out the video for a good morning chuckle.