The Danger of Curbsiders


What is a curbsider? Well, OMVIC defines a curb sider as;

 Curbsiders are illegal, unlicensed vehicle dealers. They often pose as private sellers, though some operate from small automotive businesses (repair shops, rental companies, etc.)

Curbsiders not only misrepresent themselves – they often misrepresent the vehicles they sell. Many are previous write-offs with undisclosed accident-damage or are odometer-tampered.

Sounds bad, eh? But you’re smarter than that, right? Over the past few years, I have met so many people that have been taken by someone that they thought was a honest person selling a car privately, or their friend ‘had a guy,’ that was able to get them a better deal on a vehicle, but then ended up learning in the end that the deal they got was a scam and their car was misrepresented or even a danger to them.

Curbsiders can be very crafty. Their goal is to sell you a vehicle at the maximum amount of profit without properly disclosing problems with a vehicle or making only making the basic repairs to get it to pass a government safety.  This means that what vehicle that you thought you were paying a fair amount of money is worth far less, or even worse, a danger to you.

This is a problem with car sales that has been around since cars were for sale. There will always be someone that has a great deal for you and seems very trusting. You want to believe the stories as to why they have to sell the vehicle, but remember that these people make their living on selling vehicles that maybe should not be re-sold again.

Be very careful when looking at private dealers or buying from people off the street. Always ask for an updated Carproof, and if you can get the VIN number and mileage, check with the MTO and your local dealer to make sure that checks out and see if there are any red flags. And if possible, insist on a pre-inspection from your own trusted mechanic. Most dealers would be happy to help.

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